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Is Positive Energy a Real Thing?

Is positive energy a real thing?  Have you ever asked yourself this question?

I once heard that the energy from your heartbeat can be felt from 8 feet away.

Now I know this has happened to you before.... Your siting, standing or walking somewhere and you can just feel someone looking at you so you turn your head and sure enough there they are staring at you..

You probably didn't think much of it other than what was that creep staring at, lol... however, you were feeling the other person's energy which was directed right at you.

I don't know about you, but I can really feel the energy of a room when I walk into it, it is either a positive feeling or a negative feeling where I deep down just was to flee from that room.  The same goes with people that I meet, I can usually tell right away if that person is a positive or negative person.  How or why this happens I have no idea, however, I do know that it makes me feel one way or the other.

So the question is, is Positive Energy a real thing or is it some marketing scheme made up to sell products and/or services...

Me personally I think, feel and believe Positive Energy to be real and 100% believe that what you think about you bring about.

Simply changing your mindset, environment and the way you speak to yourself and others in a positive way can and will change the world around you like magic.

The old saying Nature adapts to its environment is proof enough for me to know that what I think about and who I choose to hang out with will create the world around me and for me I am all about creating one positive world around me.  Who's coming with me?

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and I hope you will help me spread positive energy with the world one hoodie, shirt, wristband and smile at a time :)

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Be Positive. Live Positive. Wear Positive. 

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